Samurai 3

                                    SAMURAI ARMOR TENGU "CROW"
This is a hand made Reproduction of a Samurai Armour referred to as "Tengu", or Karasu Tengu 
(a mythical creature).  The Armor that this full sized set was based on was sold at a British 
Auction House in 2004.  All the main parts of the Armour are made from metal and coloured to 
look like Russet iron, even the butterfly hinges on the suneate (shin guards) are white metal . On the Helmet (Kabuto) the pill box hat, ears and eyebrows are composite materials but the main parts are all metal including the lames.  Made here and not in China this is a one-of ordered by myself.  Armour in this style is extremely rare and this representative Armour makes a good display. 

                                                                                                                            Price $6500.00

                           If you want a close-up of any item please email me, I'm happy to help.

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