Samurai 13

                          Japanese Samurai Armor Mid to late Edo


Kabuto: a form of kawari kabuto (Momonari Kabuto) russet iron with a dragonfly maedate or helmet crest.  It is very well made and of above average quality.

Menpo: is a black lacquered iron one with matching lacquered neck lames, of unusual design and good quality.

Dou: is also made up of black lacquered iron plates with blue lacing, with the upper panels in printed doeskin leather. Matching lacquered black iron lames are in good condition.

Sode: or sleeves, are blue dyed cloth with chain mail over them holding lacquered iron hand plates and panels.  Cloth has the same matching dragonfly theme as the thigh apron.

Other: Includes armour box and armour display stand.

The kawari kabuto of this armour is of excellent quality and rather unique construction. The russet iron bowl has a boars eye heart shaped motif. Two larger piercings have also been cut into the top of the kabuto on the rear of the helmet near the crown, which is rather rare feature. A large gold leaf sun crest has been applied to the face of the helmet just above the visor.  Stenciled leather sections on the dou, and cloth materials, which still clearly show the details of their original period stenciled pattern design of tombo, or dragonflies in flight.

Overall an impressive complete set of samurai armour that has had no restoration or alterations. Overall excellent and original.


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