Militaria 1

                                            PRINCESS MARY GIFT TIN

Here is the Princess Mary Gift Tin that is in really good condition, it has the card insert with the bullet pencil and the Christmas card dated 1915.  This was a great find not only because of the condition but it had a letter with it dated 20-8-1919 and states that the tin was issued to all soldiers serving on 24th December 1915.  There was over 426,000 of these tins distributed and they contained various items, Tobacco, Confectionary, spices, pencils and a Christmas card and picture of the Princess.  As long as the soldier was serving as of the 20-8-1914 they were sent the tin, however there were many cases where for one reason or another the tin was delivered at a later date, as the letter states this tin was posted to the soldier on the 20-8-1919 and the brown post marked packet is the original wrapping for the tin.  It also came with the envelope that his 2 medals were posted to him in.  These were usually thrown away so to get them intact is quite rare.

                                                                                                                        Price $550.00

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