Helmets 1

                       VERY RARE ORIGINAL 1850's BRITISH 16th LANCERS HELMET
This is a totally 100% genuine (Not a Copy) British 16th Lancers Officers cap or Helmet, the helmet shell is the early pre 1850's pattern with the plain gold bullion band around the centre of the caps, later on this has a red centre stripe, the leather is quite good for its age and all the fittings correct and intact, the officers horse hair plume is in place and is correct.  The  officers pattern helmet plate is the kings crown, as the helmet would have been in use around 1901 when the helmet plate changed from the Victoria Crown.  The lining is gone but is often the case as it was mainly made of silk, it has a good chin chain and also comes with the gold bullion cap cords.  Overall a Very Rare officer cap that would be the centre of any high level helmet collection.

                                                                                                                                            Price: SOLD



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